January 21, 2017

Wrapping Challenge- Day 1

It's day 1 of the wrapping challenge!!

Today is a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC ).

It seems pretty simple. The video explains it better but I'm gonna give it a go here.

You start with your middle marker in the middle of your body. You wrap it around yourself and bring the ends up above your shoulders. Then you create your pouch area  for baby. Put baby in and make a seat! The visual I use is to have the edge of fabric (also called a rail) in line with the top of baby's diaper! Then you take one end of the wrap and go from one rail to the other tightening the wrap. Then you tighten using the other tail! You want baby snug and there to be no gaps or bulges of the wrap. Then you take both tails and cross them over the other under baby's bum. Bring them around to your back and tie in a double knot. Ta- Da!

We used the size 6 Ethos Cascade Coral from the lending library! Super comfy and such a pretty color! If you want to check it out and try a front wrap cross carry yourself and are in Weber or Davis county Utah let us know! http://babywearinginweberdavisco.blogspot.com/p/carrier-library.html?m=1

Post a picture of you and a little doing a front wrap cross carry below if you want and I'm excited for tomorrow's challenge!

Sorry for the lack of pictures but I'm doing it on my phone - my husband took the computer the one day I was gonna use it haha.

-Hannah and Lewis

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