August 5, 2016

The Things People Say!

Hey everyone - it has been a week since our last posting!

When babywearing there seems to be a variety of reactions from people: surprise, wishing they had something like it, or just simple admiration for being able to hold something with both hands. And, of course, the people that just look at you and your child.

In the grocery store I was grabbing some cabbage for a yummy cold pasta salad. A lady was grabbing something nearby. She was watching me get our vegetable from the very back of the display for a minute. She then said "Wow! That looks so great!" We chatted for a minute about how nice it is to be able to accomplish things while holding him.

A super weirdly negative reaction was from a lady who told me that my son was never going to leave and that he would need to be held all the time if I kept "that up". There were several things I wanted to tell her beyond my "he'll be fine" comment but she was just so rude and brusque. Firstly, he will eventually go off and do his own thing and I will miss the snuggles. Secondly, if he needs to be held then he needs to be held. Thirdly, he is in a safe place while we are out and about. I am not worried about him falling out of the clicky carseat, or people touching him, or of someone kidnapping him (if we want to get extreme).

The sweetest lady approached me one day saying that she wished she had had something like that with her kids! She commented how comfy both of us looked and how it must be so nice to not deal with a stroller.

At Lagoon a man asked what it was while putting on the Mei Tai wrap. We were able to chat for a minute about how it worked and how nice it is to use! He was so interested and pleasant. 

It's nice to have so many positive experiences with people while babywearing when we are out and about. Of course, there are going to be a few negative ones here and there but that is ok!

Anyone have any weird, sweet, or funny stories about things people have said to them while babywearing?