November 21, 2016

Winter Wearing

Hi All!

It got super chilly suddenly here and so it is time to baby wear safely for cold weather! I know it has been on my mind lately and I hope yours, as well!

Most people layer themselves for winter. The same goes for baby. It's important to layer them safely. Their little extremities need a little more layering!

You want to be able to have baby in a good position with their legs like usual 

The same rules apply no matter the season that they are close enough to kiss (except on your back because that doesn't really work), you can see their airways, good positioning, and you both are comfortable.

Think cute hats, little mittens or socks, little socks and booties for feet! Adult gloves or socks work well too! 

You can have baby over your winter coat. You can have your coat over them. You can get those nifty coats with an opening for baby as well!

Lots of options!

So there is no need to stop baby wearing in the cold weather, if anything I think there's more of a reason! Your very own baby warmer! You both are warm and happy!

How many of you worn your baby in the winter?

-Hannah & Lewis

Thank Ilene and Amanda for sharing your winter wearing pictures!