July 28, 2016

Hey everyone! Let me just quickly introduce myself!

(Hanging laundry on our clothesline)

I'm Hannah and I'll be with you on this blog as well. I have a son named Lewis and we love babywearing. We started with a ring sling - actually the same company that my mom got her sling from. It is awesome She got her sling when I was 6-9 months- ish. It changed her life, and so she really wanted me to have one as well. It changed my life too. Being able to eat with both hands, do a couple dishes, go to the bathroom without an unhappy baby (ah-mazing!), and soothe the fighting sleep. We now also have a Mei Tai, and it is wonderful as well! Since my baby is really big 17 lbs if I know he'll be in it for a long while I'll use it to disperse the weight on both shoulders.

Love wearing him everywhere! Grocery shopping, walking around the neighborhood, doing laundry, and doing dishes.

Beyond babywearing I like sewing, cooking, hanging out with my family, playing with our pet cats, knitting, and reading books. Granted since my son is almost 4 months old I haven't had much time to do most of these things haha.

I'm excited to contribute and share our babywearing adventures and hear about others' adventures!

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