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To borrow a carrier, we ask for a fully refundable deposit of the price of the carrier (in the form of a valid check or card on file) and a $5 fee per individual carrier checkout. You may also chose the yearly option- a $30 one time fee that allows you to have unlimited checkouts for the year.

The carrier will be lent out from meeting to meeting, roughly 2 weeks, and will be due back then. It's expected to be returned in the same condition as it was lent out in. Failure to return the carrier or if any damage has been done will result of us keeping your deposit and using it to replace the carrier. When you return the carrier you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

This group, Babywearing in Weber/Davis Co., is not responsible for any loss, stolen, damage or personal injury to yourself or baby. When borrowing a carrier you VOLUNTARILY ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY.


Ling Ling d’amour – “Canary Yellow” (DAÏCALING collection); one size; certified organic cotton; machine woven; designed for children (3 kg- 15 kg) about 6.6 – 33 lbs; RV 46,90euros (~ $52)

Maya Wraps – ‘Emerald’; Size L, measures 79.13" long x 30" wide (201 cm long x 76.2 cm wide); Comfort Fit* shoulder; 100% cotton, machine woven; designed for children ranging from 8 – 35 lbs; RV $94.95

*“The ComfortFit Ring Sling shoulder is gathered with no padding.  The use of a small Spandex panel insert and unpadded rails for total adjustability means a grippy, perfect fit every time.  The width of the shoulder is easily adjusted by moving the small fabric band or removing it altogether.”

Lightly padded Ring Sling - 'Plum'; Size S, measures 66.92" long x 30" wide (170 cm long x 76.2 cm wide); Lightly Padded Shoulder; 100% cotton, machine woven; designed for children ranging from 8 – 35 lbs; RV $94.95

**The Lightly Padded Ring Sling shoulder has a light cushion for comfort and ease, while the rails are unpadded for total adjustability.


Little Roo Wraps - Local to Utah, Linen Ring Sling Asphalt- 100% linen ring sling

Linen is made from the fiber of flax plants. It is unbelievably strong. It is cool in the summer & warm in the winter.

About 30inches wide X 75inches long. RV $47

Linen Ring Sling Gold- 100% linen ring sling

Linen is made from the fiber of flax plants. It is unbelievably strong. It is cool in the summer & warm in the winter.

About 30inches wide X 75inches long. RV $47


Rockin' Baby Ring Sling- Flowers on the wall/Chocolate. Made with soft, luxurious 100% cotton, it reversible side is true black. Both fabrics are made of soft, luxurious 100% cotton. A patterned zip pocket completes the look, which can hold your keys, wallet or a few extra nappies. Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low. Made in the USA. With every sling purchased, Rockin’ Baby® will donate a new sling to a Haitian or Kenyan mother, and educate her on its importance. Mother to Mother. RV $79

TCC Ring Sling - (blue/green ‘tablecloth’); pleated shoulder; linen; RV $30
Chimparoo Air-O- Chimparoo Air-O water sling - Size 1- Aqua-;The Ring Sling Air-O is a model specially designed to be worn in a wet environment and / or heat (away from flames). The Air-O model is ideal for hot summer day and for use in the shower. It is made of a polyester woven fabric with large areolas breathable and does not retain water. It is very light even when wet. The shoulder of the Air-O is built without folds, gathered style. This model contains no pocket. RV $90

POUCHES – RV $30 each

Hotslings AP size R (silhouette)


Ethos ‘Solace Vesper’Midnight black and dove gray; Size 3; 100% mercerized cotton (260 GSM); 26" wide; RV $130

Ethos ‘Solace Vesper’Midnight black and dove gray; Size 4; 100% mercerized cotton (260 GSM); 26" wide; RV $140


Pretty Paisley 'TOWL V3'-  'The one who lived' Size 4 - Harry Potter inspired wrap
Hand-Loomed Fabric (hybrid between complete handwoven and fully machine woven)
100% Unmercerized Cotton. RV $160

Pavo Textiles- Ring System Mars Size 5 wrap. Ring System Mars is woven on our black warp with red fill.  A variety of weave structures create a band-effect crosswise and subtly alter the texture and color intensity of the wrap in different light and angles.
100% cotton | 280g/m2. RV $220

Ethos ‘Cascade Coral’ – Coral; size 6; coral cotton warp, BreatheBlend™ weft; RV $89

Pretty Paisley Osnaburg – (green/blue/purple dyed); Size 6; RV $60

Ethos ‘Manhattan Sundown’ – Pink and Blue with a city skyline pattern; Size 7; 100% mercerized cotton; RV $69

Girasol No. 5 – “Blue”; Size 7; 100% cotton RV $120


Ethos ‘Lost in Translation’ - “Blue/Black”; Size 8; 100% mercerized cotton; RV $95
 DIY gauze wraps

RV $15 each

4.1m (slate)

4.5m (black)

4.7m (sand)


BaoBaby Boutique – “Cranberry”; RV $20

Boba – 'khaki' & 'Gray'
supports up to 35 lbs; 95% cotton/5% spandex; RV $39.95


 Lillebaby - ' Powder Blue' Tie the knot wrap - Stretchy rated for 7-30lb RV $50

The Solly Baby Wrap- Oh Joy!  100% Certified lenzing Modal, sourced from the pulp of Austrian Beechwood trees. Made in USA. Designed for the first year/up to 25 pounds. One size for a custom fit every time. RV $65
DIY stretchy wrap – “Sage”; RV $10


Meh Dais

Fidella Fly Tai – ‘Outer Space Blue’; small/medium; 100% cotton; fits 3months to 33lbs; RV $119

Fidella Fly Tai - ''Persian Paisley Smoke'; Toddler size (though can be sized down for smaller babies); 100% cotton; fits 3 months to 33 lbs; RV $119

Infantino Mei Tai– ‘Black Blueberries’; wrap&tie style carrier; RV $35
                                Black and white 'Dots'; Sash style carrier; RV $35


Podaegi - Shiny Star Designs Podaegi;
Zebra- Shiny Star Design Podaegis (po-DEH-gee), also known as a Pod, are a Korean style baby carrier that combines the comfort of a wrap with the ease of a Mei Tai. Our Podaegis can be used for a baby or a toddler and are comfortable, versatile and convenient.  They are ideal for wearers with neck and shoulder problems. Super bonus! They are compact and easy to transport. RV $235


Beco Butterfly II Organic Baby Carrier – ‘Purple’ (brown hood, flat); newborn to toddler- 7-45 lbs/3.5 - 20 kg (7.7lbs – 44lbs); 100% organic cotton; RV $60

Boba Air – “Black”; fits 15-45lbs (THIS IS NOT FOR NEWBORNS!); nylon material; RV $65

Boba 4G – “Moab”; fits 7lbs-10lbs with infant insert, and up to 45 lbs (also has feet stirrups for long legged toddlers/preschoolers); 100% cotton; RV $125

Babylonia Flexia - This carrier comes with 3 different sized panels. Each panel can be easily changed by zipping out the old panel and zipping in the next size up. This allows the Flexia to grow along with your child. From 0-4 years (7-45lbs) RV: $159
Ergo 360: Cool Air Mesh - 'Icy Mint' four positions allows facing out. Fits 7-45lbs with infant insert. RV $180
Easy Feel Preschooler - Cotton Ikat Preschool full buckle "Sapphire V3". With extra supportive padding this carrier is ideal for children ranging from 35-57lbs and a minimum of 37-39". Carrier measures 22"x22". RV: $189

-Standard size ‘Bluetopia’; Baby should be at least 15 pounds, and at least 30" tall; RV $139 
-Toddler size 'Rainbow'; Baby should be at least 20 pounds, and at least 33" tall; RV $139


-Complete Airflow: 'Purple Mist' - 7-45lbs, no insert needed. Breathable 3D Mesh, Cotton
Six Carrying Positions, hood, two pockets, lumbar support, necksupport, 2-way straps.RV $125

-Complete All Seasons: 'Cupids Arrow' - 7-45lbs, no insert needed. 100% Cotton and Breathable 3D Mesh Six Carrying Positions, hood, zippered pocket, lumbar support, neck support, 2-way straps. RV $150
-CarryOn Airflow: 'Mist' - Toddler carrier. 20-60lbs. 3D Mesh and 100% Cotton. Front, Hip and Back carry. Includes: Lumbar support, 3-way adjustable straps, removable hood and two pockets. RV $150 

Tula – “Everest”; Toddler, fits 25–60 pounds; 100% Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton; RV $170


Tula Free to grow: 'Wonder' FTG fits 7-45lbs, adjustable waist and panel, for newborn to toddler hood. RV $159

2Lambie Buckle Onbuhimo- Toddler size Simi 2Lambie Buckle Nunamoochie Mehndi wrap conversion. The Toddler size is the best choice for your little one that is approaching 2 years old through 3T+. And for those bigger kids who still want "ups" and need a little help keeping up with the older ones. RV $280 http://2lambie.com/collections/conversions/products/2lambie-buckle-onbu-nunamoochie-mehndi?variant=10307120389

Kol Kol Onbuhimo - Toddler size Kol Kol Onbuhimo "Mayil"; best for toddlers. Weight ranges from 22-55lbs with a minimum height of 28". Carrier measures 22"x18". RV: $68

Osprey Poco AG - "Ivy Green"; max load 48.5 lbs (use only for children who have good head/neck control or who can sit unassisted); lightweight aluminum frame, mesh harness and back panel; RV $250


**RV = Retail Value

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